Some statistics from our fabulous New Zealand holiday

  • 3 buses to take us to and from Heathrow Airport (and 1 lovely daughter to take us to the bus)
  • 5 air flights, totalling about 48 hours in the air
  • 49 British holidaymakers, most of them what we like to call ‘Over 50s’
  • 1 British tour guide
  • 1 Kiwi driver
  • 2 same-sex couples – and the great thing was no one seemed at all fazed by them, or made any negative comments. On the contrary, there seemed to be complete open acceptance. A lesson for the Church of England, here?
  • 11 different hotels
  • 1 overnight stay in a North Island homestead
  • 1 ferry crossing
  • 4 boat cruises
  • about 3,500 km on the coach
  • 1 Landrover ‘safari’
  • 1 talking toilet
  • 21 days away from home
  • 1 train journey, the Tranzalpine over the Southern Alps
  • 1 helicopter flight
  • 1 cable car ride
  • 1 cardboard cathedral
  • 1 cave with glow worms
  • several churches and cathedrals which would benefit from taking the Everybody Welcome course
  • 3 days of record-breaking summer temperatures for South Island: up to 37℃

All adds up to One Awesome Experience.

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