Born in the first half of the last century (just!) Probably not actually born within the sound of Bow Bells, but close enough to think of myself as a Cockney.

Was a teenager in the Swinging Sixties, and lived through Flower Power and the student unrests of 1968, though I came out of it not as a hippy but as a Jesus Freak.

Always wanted to be a writer, and it turned out that most of what I have written in my life has been sermons. An unjustly unregarded art form, in my opinion: a cross between folk art and stand-up comedy. But it does qualify me, surely, as a staunch defender of what some regard as lost causes: the Church of England, Esperanto…

Worked and prayed for 37 years in parish ministry, as a priest in the Church of England. Now retired, I’m still a priest (you never stop being one, ordination confers an ontological change, don’t you know). But what I now am and will be, who knows?