Learning the Word by heart

Elle Dowd makes a case for progressive Christians to memorize Scripture, in order to argue back to conservatives.

At the Network of Biblical Storytellers International we prefer to call this ‘learning by heart’, because it’s a kind of embodied, whole-body learning, much more than the ‘in the brain’ stuff the word ‘memory’ evokes. But it’s the same thing when it comes to it, and it’s certainly something that all Christians should take seriously, not just the ones who make such big claims to be ‘bible-believing’ (and don’t always seem to know their Bibles that well).

The Bear Who Changed His Name

I’m really not sure if Li would approve of this story that Grandpa found himself telling the granddaughters while we were babysitting…

The Bear Who Changed His Name

Once upon a time there was a little bear, and his name was Bear Bottom. He thought it was a nice name, but whenever he went out of his house, all the people would point at him, and laugh, and say, “Look, there’s Bear Bottom.”

At last he could bear it no more, and said to himself, “I’m going to change my name so that no one will laugh at me ever again.” So he went to the Bear Registry, and told the Registrar he wanted to change his name.

“No problem,” said the Registrar, opening his big ledger and picking up his pen. “What would you like for a new name?”

“I’d like to be called … Bear Behind!”