Family Christmas/New Year Gathering

Back row: Sephy, Esther, Paul, David, Naomi, Alex, Tom
Middle row: Martha, Dodie, Bethan, Lotte, Libby, Tilly, Annie
Front row: Jeremy, Owen, Alison, Tony, Elsie, Aurelia

Another New Year, and on the last-but-one day of the Old Year we had our one and only whole-family get-together of the year. When there are 20 of us, it gets more difficult to have these occasions very often. Thanks to Tom and Annie having a bigger house now, and being the most centrally located of the families, we are able to meet at their place. A bring-and-share lunch with each family contributing a course, and a lot of (too much) drink. What could be nicer?

It was a noisy, beautiful, fun event, often too much for various of us in turn, so that everyone needed an ‘escape room’ at different times. The cousins are all close enough in age (2 to 12 years) to get on really well.

We feel wonderfully blessed to have such fine children, grandchildren, and children-in-law. I’ve recently been reading the stories in Genesis of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs. Looking at this picture makes me feel a but like Jacob. We haven’t got 70+ descendants, but what the children of Alison and Tony lack in quantity, they make up for in quality.

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